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We never saw Black Doom's dead body at the end of ShTH. So presuming he is still alive, what do you think happened? 

6 deviants said Nah, he's ded. Very ded.
4 deviants said Transferred his conscious into the Doom's Eye, without main body he lost most of his powers so now he's just a creepy floatin starfish that lives in an abandoned house in the suburbs and eats people that come inside, creating creepypastas and shtuff
No deviants said He kept his original body, but as his whole army is dead he can't do much so he just hides and occasionally steals humans for breakfast.
No deviants said Something else *comment*

Japanese and North American cover art

Game Developer        Sonic Team (SEGA)
Platform                     Wii
Genre                         Platformer, Hack and slash
Release date              NA March 3 2009, JP/AUS March 12, EU March 13

Sonic and the Black Knight (ソニックと暗黒の騎士 Sonikku to Ankoku no Kishi) is the second entry in the Sonic Storybook series, following on from Sonic and the Secret Rings. The game was directed by Tetsu Katano, who was the lead programmer of the Sonic Adventure titles and Sonic Heroes.


In the world of Camelot, Merlina was running away from King Arthur, who is the Black Knight, and who is also evil. And his horse can fly. And it still makes galloping noises running through the air. For some reason. Whatever, go along with it.
She is surrounded by his minions, and, before she is taken, performs a summoning ritual to bring a random hero to save her, which just happened to be Sonic! Yeah!

Sonic falls from the sky, faceplants into the ground, catches two chillidogs that happened to spawn along with him, gobbles down one of them and defeats the Black Knight's minions. He tries to attack King Arthur but Merlina stops him, because reasons, and teleports them both away in a whirlwind, losing one of Sonic's chillidogs as a result. Noooooo!
The Black Knight sends out his three Knights of the Round Table, which just happen to be Blaze's, Shadow's and Knuckles' look alikes, who are still loyal to the Black Knight despite his evil, to find and kill Sonic and Merlina on sight.
Cut to Sonic and Merlina walking through a forest. Sonic asks why she stopped him, and Merlina explains that King Arthur is immortal, as he possesses the scabbard of Excalibur. After training Sonic in the art of swordsmanship (aka a tutorial level), Merlina explains that King Arthur was once a wise and just ruler, but became corrupted by the power of immortality granted by having possession of Excalibur's scabbard and says the Lady of the Lake (Amy) was the one who gave it to him. Merlina points him toward the Caliburn, saying he might be able to defeat King Arthur with it.
Sonic acquires Caliburn, a talking sword who is highly skeptical of Sonic's abilities and takes on a habit of calling him a knave. And as the Lady of the Lake is the one that gave the King Excalibur, they head to her hoping to find out what to do.

To avoid the spoilers I'll stop right there. I personally enjoyed the story. The writing is okay. It has plenty of funny stuff, some serious moments, Sonic as always is a jerk with a heart of gold, magically affecting his opponents with kind words and a well placed boot to the head.
Funny fact: When Merlina calls Sonic to her world, she uses the same spell that Erazor did when summoning the Ifrit, albeit very slightly modified. It's quite weird, given that the spell in question roughly translates to "Satan Arrive!". Our hero, ladies and gentlemen!
Watch the cutscenes I talk about here: [link] [link] [link] [link] [link]

P.S. The game has a "fake ending". Continue playing after the credits.



This is one of the best looking Wii games, honestly.
The in-game graphics are crisp and colorful. You get a good sense of size, especially on the levels where giant trolls are pulling huge wheeled structures.
The levels are richly detailed, and there are a variety of environments to blaze through, from lush open grasslands to the courtyards of a majestic castle to a blazing hot volcanic wasteland. Details like sunsets and flashes of lightning in the distance lend all the action a nice dramatic flair.
As Sonic blazes through mountainous terrain, you'll be able to see individual blades of grass swaying in the wind. As he runs across rocky, magma-filled caves, a heat distortion effect will warp the screen. When he clashes swords with King Arthur, the screen will ignite in an awesome explosion of particle sparks. The biggest presentational flaw is the camera, as always. It's kinda expected at this point xD
As with just about every Sonic endeavor, the storyline is brought to life via ridiculously high production values, from the wide assortment of stunningly clean and stylized pre-rendered cinemas to mid-level sequences that look like storyboards.
The attention to detail is spread throughout the game menu, which is made to look like a medieval scroll of sorts. When you click over to the adventure mode you'll be treated to a realistic map with various points that you can select to trigger stages. It all looks great.


As expected from Sonic games, the music is great. Veteran composer Jun Senoue returned to compose music for this installment, mixing familiar Sonic themes with a Celtic style. In addition, his band, Crush 40, has returned to perform the main theme of the game, "Knight of the Wind", as well as three additional songs. Tommy Tallarico had the game listed on his website as one of the games he has worked on. Finally, Richard Jacques made the music for the cutscenes, as previously confirmed by Official Nintendo Magazine.
You can listen to the whole soundtrack here: [link]

There were two official albums released for the game.
Face to Faith: Sonic and the Black Knight Vocal Trax (WWCE-31197) is the game's official vocal songs soundtrack that was released on April 8, 2009. It features five vocal tracks that were featured in the game, with "Seven Rings in Hand ~Fairytales in Trance~" by Bentley Jones and "With Me ~Massive Power Mix~" by Crush 40 as brand new bonus tracks created especially for the album.

Tales of Knighthood: Sonic and the Black Knight Original Soundtrack (WWCE-31198) is the soundtrack album for the game Sonic and the Black Knight. It contains 68 tracks over two CDs and has a total running time of 113:48.

Some of my favorite tracks:

This kinda sounds like it would be in an Elder Scrolls game xD [link]


Gameplay differs from traditional games in the Sonic series cause duh, Sonic has a big talking sword in his hand. The game is controlled by both the Nunchuk and the Wiimote. Wiimote is for sword swings, Nunchuk is for moving about.

A lot of criticism of this game comes from the continuous swinging of the sometimes unresponsive Wiimote. Which is an unknown problem to me. I played Black Knight on an emulator, and I had no problems with controls or response times. It might be a hardware problem. Perhaps their Wii wasn't set up correctly or something. Or their hands grow out of their asses xD

Unlike other Sonic games the ranking system isn't with letters (SABCDE), but with stars. The score is divided into two parts: Total Score and Knight's Honor Bonus. Total Score as usual is dependent on time, defeating enemies, getting rings and not getting hit. Knight's Honor Bonus is earned by performing honorable behavior, such as not attacking foes from behind, not harming the townspeople and performing Acts of Chivalry (giving townspeople rings via QTEs and stuff like that).

There are 242 items in the game, some of which can be gained by opening treasure chests in the stages, random drops from enemies, or gotten from townspeople when you give them rings. Any items collected during a stage must be identified at the end of the stage by using Sonic's "ID points". The better your ranking at the end of the stage, the more points you get. Rarer items cost more ID points than others. An online mode allows treasures to be traded between registered friends.

The game changes the traditional level items, such as springs and speed pads, into fairies, which look like Chao heads. These fairies come in varying colors; Yellow are rings, Blue fairies are speed boosts and springs, and Red are used to fill the Soul Gauge. This gauge is also filled by defeating enemies and is used to unleash a powerful lock-on attack, Soul Surge.

Sonic has three combat styles to choose from. At first, only the balanced Knight style is available, but later, Cavalier and Paladin styles are unlocked. They deal with the aspects of speed and power, respectively. As levels are completed, the player gains a number of Followers that are used as EXP points and as the number of followers goes up, the number of skills the player has in a certain style are increased. The "styles" of characters beside Sonic are not increased; rather, their swords' abilities and skills are enhanced.

Once the Knight's Quest part of the story is reached, Sir Gawain, Sir Lancelot, and Sir Percival will be playable from that point on. Each has their own characteristics; for instance, Knuckles wields dual swords that double as boomerangs and has the ability to glide, Blaze can surround herself with fire and use more lunge attacks than Sonic, and Shadow can use Chaos Powers. In story mode, they can use different swords than their own swords, unlike Sonic, who can only wield Caliburn. Those swords can be crafted from items you get on stages.

Up to four players can play in the game's multiplayer, choosing between one of 12 characters to partake in a number of different kinds of battles. It ain't no Mario Party. Characters include Sonic, Lancelot, Gawain, Percival, Blacksmith (Tails), Lady of the Lake (Amy Rose), Galahad (Silver), Lamorak (Jet), regular Shadow, regular Knuckles, regular Blaze and King Arthur.

Random stuff

Can't do a review on DA without featuring some related art, of course.
~ Can you hear the words ''I've won'' ? ~ by OhMyRaloshShadow Lancelot by Star-RocketSonic and Nimue by Miszcz90

There's a great let's play of SatBK I really liked by ClementJ642 on Youtube: [link]

Sonic and the Black Knight was featured in issue 232 of Nintendo Power. I wasn't able to find scans unfortunately, but here's an awesome poster I did find: [link]

If you are wondering where to get SatBK I did find an Amazon page, but I'm sure if you do a quick search you can find it in plenty of other places. Or, if you are a pirrrrrate, the ROM of the game is easy to find too.

The game has official papercrafts and desktop backgrounds. To download them go here and here.

There are also official SatBK action figures by Jazwares. I found some on Amazon if you want to get them.

If you want me to add anything else here, just leave a comment and I'll consider it.


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