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People been making backup accounts on other sites in case DA goes to shit so I decided to get on the bandwagon.

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Japanese and North American cover art

Game Developer        Sonic Team (SEGA)
Platform               Wii
Genre                    Platformer, Hack and slash
Release date          NA March 3 2009, JP/AUS March 12, EU March 13

Sonic and the Black Knight (ソニックと暗黒の騎士 Sonikku to Ankoku no Kishi) is the second entry in the Sonic Storybook series, following on from Sonic and the Secret Rings. The game was directed by Tetsu Katano, who was the lead programmer of the Sonic Adventure titles and Sonic Heroes.


In the world of Camelot, Merlina was running away from King Arthur, who is the Black Knight, and who is also evil. And his horse can fly. And it still makes galloping noises running through the air. For some reason. Whatever, go along with it.
She is surrounded by his minions, and, before she is taken, performs a summoning ritual to bring a random hero to save her, which just happened to be Sonic! Yeah!

Sonic falls from the sky, faceplants into the ground, catches two chillidogs that happened to spawn along with him, gobbles down one of them and defeats the Black Knight's minions. He tries to attack King Arthur but Merlina stops him, because reasons, and teleports them both away in a whirlwind, losing one of Sonic's chillidogs as a result. Noooooo!
The Black Knight sends out his three Knights of the Round Table, which just happen to be Blaze's, Shadow's and Knuckles' look alikes, who are still loyal to the Black Knight despite his evil, to find and kill Sonic and Merlina on sight.
Cut to Sonic and Merlina walking through a forest. Sonic asks why she stopped him, and Merlina explains that King Arthur is immortal, as he possesses the scabbard of Excalibur. After training Sonic in the art of swordsmanship (aka a tutorial level), Merlina explains that King Arthur was once a wise and just ruler, but became corrupted by the power of immortality granted by having possession of Excalibur's scabbard and says the Lady of the Lake (Amy) was the one who gave it to him. Merlina points him toward the Caliburn, saying he might be able to defeat King Arthur with it.
Sonic acquires Caliburn, a talking sword who is highly skeptical of Sonic's abilities and takes on a habit of calling him a knave. And as the Lady of the Lake is the one that gave the King Excalibur, they head to her hoping to find out what to do.

To avoid the spoilers I'll stop right there. I personally enjoyed the story. The writing is okay. It has plenty of funny stuff, some serious moments, Sonic as always is a jerk with a heart of gold, magically affecting his opponents with kind words and a well placed boot to the head.
Funny fact: When Merlina calls Sonic to her world, she uses the same spell that Erazor did when summoning the Ifrit, albeit very slightly modified. It's quite weird, given that the spell in question roughly translates to "Satan Arrive!". Our hero, ladies and gentlemen!
Watch the cutscenes I talk about here: [link] [link] [link] [link] [link]

P.S. The game has a "fake ending". Continue playing after the credits.



This is one of the best looking Wii games, honestly.
The in-game graphics are crisp and colorful. You get a good sense of size, especially on the levels where giant trolls are pulling huge wheeled structures.
The levels are richly detailed, and there are a variety of environments to blaze through, from lush open grasslands to the courtyards of a majestic castle to a blazing hot volcanic wasteland. Details like sunsets and flashes of lightning in the distance lend all the action a nice dramatic flair.
As Sonic blazes through mountainous terrain, you'll be able to see individual blades of grass swaying in the wind. As he runs across rocky, magma-filled caves, a heat distortion effect will warp the screen. When he clashes swords with King Arthur, the screen will ignite in an awesome explosion of particle sparks. The biggest presentational flaw is the camera, as always. It's kinda expected at this point xD
As with just about every Sonic endeavor, the storyline is brought to life via ridiculously high production values, from the wide assortment of stunningly clean and stylized pre-rendered cinemas to mid-level sequences that look like storyboards.
The attention to detail is spread throughout the game menu, which is made to look like a medieval scroll of sorts. When you click over to the adventure mode you'll be treated to a realistic map with various points that you can select to trigger stages. It all looks great.


As expected from Sonic games, the music is great. Veteran composer Jun Senoue returned to compose music for this installment, mixing familiar Sonic themes with a Celtic style. In addition, his band, Crush 40, has returned to perform the main theme of the game, "Knight of the Wind", as well as three additional songs. Tommy Tallarico had the game listed on his website as one of the games he has worked on. Finally, Richard Jacques made the music for the cutscenes, as previously confirmed by Official Nintendo Magazine.
You can listen to the whole soundtrack here: [link]

There were two official albums released for the game.
Face to Faith: Sonic and the Black Knight Vocal Trax (WWCE-31197) is the game's official vocal songs soundtrack that was released on April 8, 2009. It features five vocal tracks that were featured in the game, with "Seven Rings in Hand ~Fairytales in Trance~" by Bentley Jones and "With Me ~Massive Power Mix~" by Crush 40 as brand new bonus tracks created especially for the album.

Tales of Knighthood: Sonic and the Black Knight Original Soundtrack (WWCE-31198) is the soundtrack album for the game Sonic and the Black Knight. It contains 68 tracks over two CDs and has a total running time of 113:48.

Some of my favorite tracks:

This kinda sounds like it would be in an Elder Scrolls game xD [link]


Gameplay differs from traditional games in the Sonic series cause duh, Sonic has a big talking sword in his hand. The game is controlled by both the Nunchuk and the Wiimote. Wiimote is for sword swings, Nunchuk is for moving about.

A lot of criticism of this game comes from the continuous swinging of the sometimes unresponsive Wiimote. Which is an unknown problem to me. I played Black Knight on an emulator, and I had no problems with controls or response times. It might be a hardware problem. Perhaps their Wii wasn't set up correctly or something. Or their hands grow out of their asses xD

Unlike other Sonic games the ranking system isn't with letters (SABCDE), but with stars. The score is divided into two parts: Total Score and Knight's Honor Bonus. Total Score as usual is dependent on time, defeating enemies, getting rings and not getting hit. Knight's Honor Bonus is earned by performing honorable behavior, such as not attacking foes from behind, not harming the townspeople and performing Acts of Chivalry (giving townspeople rings via QTEs and stuff like that).

There are 242 items in the game, some of which can be gained by opening treasure chests in the stages, random drops from enemies, or gotten from townspeople when you give them rings. Any items collected during a stage must be identified at the end of the stage by using Sonic's "ID points". The better your ranking at the end of the stage, the more points you get. Rarer items cost more ID points than others. An online mode allows treasures to be traded between registered friends.

The game changes the traditional level items, such as springs and speed pads, into fairies, which look like Chao heads. These fairies come in varying colors; Yellow are rings, Blue fairies are speed boosts and springs, and Red are used to fill the Soul Gauge. This gauge is also filled by defeating enemies and is used to unleash a powerful lock-on attack, Soul Surge.

Sonic has three combat styles to choose from. At first, only the balanced Knight style is available, but later, Cavalier and Paladin styles are unlocked. They deal with the aspects of speed and power, respectively. As levels are completed, the player gains a number of Followers that are used as EXP points and as the number of followers goes up, the number of skills the player has in a certain style are increased. The "styles" of characters beside Sonic are not increased; rather, their swords' abilities and skills are enhanced.

Once the Knight's Quest part of the story is reached, Sir Gawain, Sir Lancelot, and Sir Percival will be playable from that point on. Each has their own characteristics; for instance, Knuckles wields dual swords that double as boomerangs and has the ability to glide, Blaze can surround herself with fire and use more lunge attacks than Sonic, and Shadow can use Chaos Powers. In story mode, they can use different swords than their own swords, unlike Sonic, who can only wield Caliburn. Those swords can be crafted from items you get on stages.

Up to four players can play in the game's multiplayer, choosing between one of 12 characters to partake in a number of different kinds of battles. It ain't no Mario Party. Characters include Sonic, Lancelot, Gawain, Percival, Blacksmith (Tails), Lady of the Lake (Amy Rose), Galahad (Silver), Lamorak (Jet), regular Shadow, regular Knuckles, regular Blaze and King Arthur.

Random stuff

Can't do a review on DA without featuring some related art, of course.
~ Can you hear the words ''I've won'' ? ~ by OhMyRaloshShadow Lancelot by Star-RocketSonic and Nimue by Miszcz90

There's a great let's play of SatBK I really liked by ClementJ642 on Youtube: [link]

Sonic and the Black Knight was featured in issue 232 of Nintendo Power. I wasn't able to find scans unfortunately, but here's an awesome poster I did find: [link]

If you are wondering where to get SatBK I did find an Amazon page, but I'm sure if you do a quick search you can find it in plenty of other places. Or, if you are a pirrrrrate, the ROM of the game is easy to find too.

The game has official papercrafts and desktop backgrounds. To download them go here and here.

There are also official SatBK action figures by Jazwares. I found some on Amazon if you want to get them.

If you want me to add anything else here, just leave a comment and I'll consider it.
:iconpinkfloyd1234: made a voiceover of my comic on his youtube channel :3


It's pretty awesome so give it a watch :3
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There is one fanfic that I wrote not so long ago, it's about Sonic & Co sitting in a chatroom and playing Truth or Dare xD It has gone largely unnoticed, which is a shame cause it is pretty funny :3 It originally was a roleplay between me and my friend Hey-Pi-Ron. I translated the whole thing from Russian xD
Truth or Dare with Sonic Crew*SnowWhite has connected to the chat.
*pink_cutie has connected to the chat.
SnowWhite: Alright, who do we call?
pink_cutie: Well the more people the better right?
pink_cutie: Call Sonic yourself plz, or he won't come if I call him myself
SnowWhite: I'm gonna call everyone
*ULF has connected to the chat.
*Mechanic has connected to the chat.
*WindItself has connected to the chat.
*Sherlock has connected to the chat .
*Armageddon has connected to the chat.
*Wanderer has connected to the chat.
*Shinobi has connected to the chat.
*Bumblebee has connected to the chat.
ULF: Phahaha I'm faster than Sonic
WindItself: So what are we here for?
WindItself: HEY!
WindItself: No fair! They just call

The description has all the nicknames so you won't get confused. Give it a read please :3
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So, like, got into an argument with this dude…
What bothers me is not that he is still raging for some reason, but that people seem not to have basic knowledge about the Sonic timeline and such. No need to bash the dude or anything.

I want to know if you think I'm right about what I said, and if there is anything you don't know please ask me, I'll happily answer your questions.
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First off, my friend Saxdude26 made some awesome mixes of music from Shadow the Hedgehog game, so go take a look:………

Well and second, sorry for being so slow with my submissions lately :XD: I was kinda busy with RL stuff, but I'm still writing the fanfic (and even the sequel) and drawing stuff bit by bit. I'll put something up really soon, don't worry XD

Guess that's about it :3
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I've noticed that some people have trouble getting colors of the characters right (especially those with various vision problems), so I thought I'll help by giving you some color values. They were taken from official arts, but they are approximate so don't flame me XD
SEGA artists themselves don't use exactly same colors all the time for some reason (just very similar shades). Guess they didn't bother to save all the values.
I won't state obvious colors, like plain old white and black.

Fur (Modern) – RGB 26, 80, 188; HEX #1A50BC
Fur (Classic) – RGB 13, 122, 233; HEX #0D7ADF
Skin (Modern) – RGB 255, 215, 143; HEX #FFD78F
Skin (Classic) – RGB 255, 224, 177; HEX #FFE0B1
Eyes – RGB 0, 213, 0; HEX #00D500 and similar shades
Shoes –RGB 255, 0, 0; HEX #FF0000
Shoe Buckles – RGB 255, 207, 0; HEX #FFCF00

Fur - RGB 241, 176, 0; HEX #F1B000
Eyes - RGB 15, 179, 240; HEX #0FB3F0 and similar shades
Shoes - RGB 255, 0, 0; HEX #FF0000

Fur and red shoe part – RGB 255, 20, 0; HEX #FF1400
Eyes – RGB 95, 63, 170; HEX #5F3FAAand similar shades
Green shoe part – RGB 1, 170, 51; HEX #01AA33
Yellow shoe part – RGB 255, 210, 0; HEX #FFD200
Gray shoe part and soles – RGB 170, 170, 170; HEX #AAAAAA
Skin – RGB 255, 221, 160; HEX #FFDDA0

Fur – RGB 253, 149, 198; HEX #FD95C6
Eyes – RGB 1, 169, 0; HEX #01A900
Dress, shoes, hammer and other red parts – RGB 209, 0, 0; HEX #D10000
Bracelets and yellow part of the hammer - RGB 255, 210, 0; HEX #FFD200
Hammer's handle 1st part – RGB 235, 151, 0; HEX #EB9700
Hammer's handle 2nd part – RGB 175, 92, 0; HEX #AF5C00
Skin – RGB 254, 220, 149; HEX #FEDC95

Any red part, including eyes: RGB 220, 0, 0; HEX #DC0000
Inhibitor rings and thruster thingies on the shoes – RGB 255, 210, 0; HEX #FFD200
Skin – RGB 255, 181, 40; HEX #FFB528

Eyes – RGB 14, 160, 150; HEX #0EA096 and similar shades
Pink cuffs and hearts – RGB 250, 130, 186; HEX #FA82BA
Wings – RGB 50, 29, 60; HEX #321D3C
Blue eye shadow – RGB 0, 160, 230; HEX #00A0E6
Skin – RGB 255, 170, 41; HEX #FFAA29
Darker skin in the ears – RGB 240, 140, 20; HEX #F08C14

Light cream fur – RGB 255, 230, 190; HEX #FFE6BE
Orange fur – RGB 255, 139, 0; HEX #FF8B00
Eyes and nose – RGB 141, 89, 41; HEX #8D5929
Dress and shoes – RGB 255, 90, 0; HEX #FF5A00
Yellow part of the shoes and buttons on the cuffs – RGB 254, 225, 0; HEX #FEE100
Blue bow – RGB 127, 211, 248; HEX #7FD3F8

Dr. Eggman:
Suit – RGB 241, 10, 0; HEX #F10A00
Moustache – RGB 210, 111, 10; HEX #D26F0A
Glasses – RGB 30, 33, 136; HEX #1E2188
Cuffs – RGB 247, 171, 0; HEX #F7AB00
Buckle thingies on the suit – RGB 255, 210, 0; HEX #FFD200
Green lenses in goggles – RGB 62, 183, 55; HEX #3EB737
Nose – RGB 249, 80, 99; HEX #F95063
Skin – RGB 255, 196, 146; HEX #FFC492

Fur – RGB 218, 195, 237; HEX #DAC3ED
Dress and purple fur – RGB 143, 100, 205; HEX #8F64CD
Shoes and trim on the dress – RGB 240, 20, 130; HEX #F01482
Forehead gem and ring – RGB 231, 0, 14; HEX #E7000E
Eyes and necklace – RGB 255, 180, 0; HEX #FFB400
Inner ear skin – RGB 255, 230, 120; HEX #FFE678

Fur – RGB 231, 237, 233; HEX #E7EDE9
Eyes and bracelet thingies – RGB 255, 180, 0; HEX #FFB400
Cyan part of the shoes – RGB 0, 152, 150; HEX #009896
Dark blue part of the shoes – RGB 0, 20, 79; HEX #00144F
Red gems on the shoes – RGB 210, 12, 34; HEX #D20C22
Skin – RGB 248, 182, 59; HEX #F8B63B

Light green skin – RGB 220, 255, 103; HEX #DCFF67
Darker skin – RGB 57, 164, 0; HEX #39A400
Stripes on the shoes and cuff thingies, also eyes – RGB 249, 175, 0; HEX #F9AF00
Buckles and chain – RGB 255, 210, 0; HEX #FFD200
Scale thingies on the back – RGB 220, 82, 17; HEX #DC5211

Magenta skin/scales – RGB 201, 0, 140; HEX #C9008C
Shoes and shields on the gloves – RGB 100, 20, 131; HEX #641483
Horn, eyes and buttons - RGB 255, 180, 0; HEX #FFB400
Skin – RGB 255, 210, 129; HEX #FFD281

Orange on the jacket, shoes and goggles – RGB 255, 134, 1; HEX #FF8601
Yellow stripes - RGB 100, 20, 131; HEX #641483
Trim on the helmet – RGB 218, 0, 1; HEX #DA0001
Eyes – RGB 249, 175, 0; HEX #F9AF00
Wings – RGB 211, 237, 250; HEX #D3EDFA
Skin – RGB 254, 214, 142; HEX #FED68E

Red parts – RGB 230, 10, 10; HEX #E60A0A
Yellow parts – RGB 100, 20, 131; HEX #641483
Green parts – RGB 100, 178, 32; HEX #64B220
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Dunno if you knew this before, but if you invert Shadow's colors you get Rouge's colors. Or vice versa.…

What does that mean? Decide for yourself.

But I think that's just another point for Shadouge *brick'd* :XD:

Before saying you don't get it, read my comment below. Here's the link if you're too lazy to scroll down:…
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I have some time now, so I decided to maybe open commissions. I'll take three for now.

1. :iconr-i-s-e: Nyan Cat icon

Everything you can commission is in the donation pool on my page.
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Maybe you don't know, but no Sonic couples are canon and never will be. It simply isn't profitable for SEGA.

How so? Let me show you an example. Say SEGA made Knouge canon. But then Shadouge fans and Knuxikal/Knuxade fans will freak out, start flaming, maybe even try to do something bad to SEGA, but most importantly they might stop buying games. SEGA doesn't want that. They want all the money they can get.
Fanservice is the only thing why there is a TON of hints for just about every couple. :shrug:

So yeah :XD:

Though don't let that get in the way for your love for a specific couple. Just don't flame others, it's pointless anyway.

Showing this to other people will be much appreciated. Just post the link to this journal somewhere.
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What is it? A Sonic fanbase guide. Yup. Just go ahead and read it, it's worth it.
Oh, and tell others about it too. :XD:
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I think I found a perfect theme song for Shadouge! :la:

It's Garbage - The World is Not Enough…

I know how to hurt
I know how to heal
I know what to show
And what to conceal
I know when to talk
And I know when to touch
No one ever died from wanting too much

The world is not enough
But it is such a perfect place to start, my love
And if you're strong enough
Together we can take the world apart, my love

People like us
Know how to survive
There's no point in living
If you can't feel alive
We know when to kiss
And we know when to kill
If we can't have it all
Then nobody will

The world is not enough
But it is such a perfect place to start, my love
And if you're strong enough
Together we can take the world apart, my love

I feel safe
I feel scared
I feel ready
And yet unprepared
The world is not enough
But it is such a perfect place to start, my love
And if you're strong enough
Together we can take the world apart, my love

The world is not enough
The world is not enough
No Nowhere near enough,
The world is not enough

What do you think guys? :meow:
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Check this out!

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 4, 2011, 12:24 PM

I'm helping this lovely girl :iconmastermindhunter: with her fanfic so I thought may as well tell about it to you guys.

It's called "Moment of Conflicted Morality" and TF2 themed. And it has Medic in it :XD: So yeah, go check it out.

Chapter 1:…
Chapter 2:…
Chapter 3:…

My group:


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Commissions closed and some news

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 26, 2011, 1:19 PM

I'm now an official student of Culture and Art College in Saint-Petersburg (that's in Russia) :la: A bit late news, but whatever.
So yeah, I'll be busy with my studies and such XD Tell me if you want me to submit here any works I make for college.
Though don't worry, I'll draw your commissons :XD: I may be a lil' bit slow though.

Commission slots:
1. :iconauroreanprincess: Nyan Cat avatar of…
2. :iconsikyusonic: Nyan Cat avatar of…
3. :iconmadact: Sonic animated avatar of…

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Got this from :iconthatblue-bolt:

That's right. This fandom, isn't the fucking problem. It's us. Yea, that's right, us. I am so SICK and TIRED of seeing a journal every few weeks or so that claims " The Sonic fandom sucks " Well y'know what. It's our own fucking fault. You know why, you just haven't thought about it hard enough yet.

How about I give a run-down of why this is so. You wanna know why it's shitty? Because we let it be shitty.

Assholes exist in any fandom. They make DAMN sure that if they see anything or anyone they don't like, they put them down, insult them, try to make them feel as shitty and un-intelligent as possible. Now aside from that being true, there is a large percentage of those dickweeds in this particular fandom. Why do you think that is? BECAUSE WE LET THEM IN. Don't see how yet? Alright, i'll explain why.

You see, these people know they get attention this way or just don't give a fuck that they are assholes, they just do what they want. They cause drama and spread around trouble, targeting people who CANNOT handle a comment they dislike that was sent to them and Know well that you WILL ANSWER to this drama because they got beef with you.

The shit hits the fan, and it spreads around. Of course here is were trolls come in. When all this shit goes down, it's no wonder it attracts trolls. They see the attention and commotion it causes, and they realize this fandom is the perfect opportunity to do what they do best, TROLL PEOPLE. When all this shit goes down, it's no wonder it attracts trolls.

They realize this particular fandom and the way people have let it become is a god-damn goldmine for them to piss on whomever they please.

These complete dicks/trolls know that they WILL get the best of you with the drama, their actions, their silly little comments. It makes artists leave because they can't handle this stupid little shit/ rumors and ignore it. For christ sake if you ignore it over time it will go away. Just have some patience. They take advantage of anyone who wants page-views or to be popular and use it to make us look bad.

Well y'know what, quit fucking complaigning about who is whoring around for pageviews, popularity is superficial, why should we give a rat's ass if they want to be popular????
If someone wants their fanhog with a huge jiggling ass and obnoxious sized tits, why the hell not? Let them do it. It's their own choice to be fake...or genuinely like a girl with big asses and boobs. Quit complaining about that, it isn't affecting you or killing you is it? I sure as hell couldn't care less. Go about your daily ways on Deviantart, ignore it, and you will find it is SO MUCH EASIER to put up with.

In all actuality, we let this happen. And if we keep letting this happen,  trolls will continure to do this, knowing they got what they wanted. We leave and fuck up, for their enjoyment. It's truly ridiculous.

The only thing that has to do with the " sonic fandom sucking " it because it just so happens that we are artists who enjoy sonic. If we were all final fantasy fans, we'd be saying the final fantasy fandom sucks....well what fucking difference does it make?????? NONE WHATSOEVER.

What the hell kind of people are we if we let constant little shit behind a computer screen get to us on a daily basis? Is it crucial in our lives? Will it fucking kill you to ignore a comment that was directed to you in a negative way, or if you do respond, blow up about it?

Ask yourself...will it go away if we react in a negative way? No. All it does is make us a pathetic bunch of kids who don't know how to get up off the ground when were kicked. If your so sick and tired of tasting dirt, then why do you continue to lie down and take it? The only to get up and get through it is to just refuse to give in.

You see the fandom became this way because we let it. Every fandom as a group of dickheads, but the only fandoms that suck are the ones where the fans themselves are the cause of attention.

Since when does sonic have to do with anything sucking? As you see, all it takes is a little more willpower and some self control. Hopefully this will be spread around throughout this fandom, and people will get the message. I want this place to not have a bad rap and have realization it will suck if we let it suck.

Spread this message around, because we shouldn't be blaming the fandom but ourselves . If you agree with me, you'll post this journal on your page and maybe spread around some damn common sense because I can say this group sure as hell is lacking in it.

-to anyone who doesn't do this, I am sorry if this has offended you in anyway. This journal is in no way directed to anyone but the whole fandom as a whole-
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First and most important, I will be moving to another city soon, so when I'll finish all my commissions they won't be opened for a while until I'll get all things settled.
And I'll go to college there, so yeah. Won't be much time for stuff. D:

Second, I have Steam now. Add me guys :3… Or if you can't, leave me a link to your profile so I will add you XD
I would love to play with you sometime guys :3

Third, I commissioned a pretty kewl guy for pics of my characters as TF2 classes. Go check him out (pics are in his gallery)

That's all for now I think XD
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I'm bored peoplez, let's doodle here in mah journal! :dummy:

BTW I made a strange energy drink that tastes like Fanta from dispersible vitamin tablets XD (vitamin C, magnesium and vitamin mix thing for pregnant women, I drink it cause there's many vitamins in it ewe) Not gonna drink fanta anymore ewe XD
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That's right, I'm gonna be making these things XD Look at my avvie as an example :meow:
I can turn pretty much any chara into a cat, whether it's Sonic or not. :3
I think 20 points would be a fair price :XD:
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I'm just wondering why I didn't see this couple anywhere :XD: People are liking Vanilla + Eggman, so why not this? XD I found like only 4 pics with this couple. XD
I think it kinda makes sense XD They're both djinnies, from one dimension/book/whatever. And Erazor even called her "my dear" lolz XD

Tell me what you think guys :3 I think I like this couple lolz :XD:
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Yup guys. You can ask anything about me or my characters! :D As long as it's appropriate >w>
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